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Even the facade of a parking house can be exceptional

Details are often discussed in architecture. They are the alpha and omega of a perfect construction concept. And our clients have a liking for the details.

When extending the IKEA store in Bratislava to a new parking house, the client came with a request to create a facade cladding made of material that will be practical, easy to maintain, meet safety parameters and at the same time meet the design ideas of the project architects and the investor. These are exactly the criterions that our materials meet.

The IKEA car park has one underground and four aboveground floors. The supporting part is made of prefabricated iron-concrete construction.

We recommended the client to use the expanded metal with diamond mesh MR 303 x 115 x 40 x 2 mm. The overall looks of the parking house is in a purely minimalist style with attention to detail and perfectly complements the IKEA mosaic. In terms of colour, the choice was clear from the beginning. The aluminium expanded metal in frames is painted blue, as the priority was to use IKEA corporate colours also on the parking house.

A great advantage of such cladding is not only its high resistance and safety, but also the fact that it is maintenance-free. The ventilated facade also dampens down temperature differences.

The car park fits perfectly with the overall IKEA concept. In this case, it is a clear evidence that only perfect details form a perfect whole.