• [Translate to English:] Dizajnové plechy

    The catalogue of decorative sheet metal

    Veľkosť: 1.17 MB

    Illusion Cubrik, Orchestra, Gota, Exau, Corail

    Download the catalogue

  • [Translate to English:] Architektonické riešenia

    Architectural solutions

    Veľkosť: 13.39 MB

    In this the catalogue we present particular projects including the list of the perforated materials used as well as new inspirations for architecture.

    Download the catalogue

  • [Translate to English:] Aplikácie perforovaných materiálov

    Applications of perforated materials

    Veľkosť: 4.23 MB

    In this catalogue we would like to introduce you the applications of our materials and products in practice, especially in architecture and construction.

    Download the catalogue

  • Perforated sheets

    Veľkosť: 1.51 MB

    Round holes - Square holes - Slot holes - Decorative holes – Conical holes (Conidur)

    Download the catalogue

  • Expanded metal

    Veľkosť: 1.53 MB

    Diamond mesh - Square mesh - Hexagonal mesh - Round mesh - Decorative mesh

    Download the catalogue

  • Floor gratings

    Veľkosť: 2.08 MB

    Steel gratings, stainless steel gratings, pressed treads type P, barefoot walking gratings - Steel gratings type SP and treads - Spiral staircases - Expanded metal gratings and treads - Perforated sheet gratings - Non-metallic cast gratings

    Download the catalogue

  • Frame profiles

    Veľkosť: 611 kB

    Circular cross-section - Square cross-section

    Download the catalogue

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