New in our offer

Design sheets

  • Unique patterns
  • Remarkable designs

Design sheets

New in our offer

Design sheets

  • Unique patterns
  • Remarkable designs

3D Sheets

[Translate to English:] Perfora: Sme Váš najväčší

We are your largest
supplier and consultant for perforated materials

As early as today you can have an access not only to a wide range of perforated materials, but also to an expert who will advise you in making decisions and propose the most optimal solution for you.

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The widest range of
perforated materials in Slovakia

We guarantee the availability of a wide range of
perforated materials for you and help you
choose them correctly, which make us a popular
supplier of these materials. We will be happy to help you.

Offer of perforated materials

Perforated materials
in architecture

What do architectural solutions look like and where can
perforated materials be used in architecture?
We will provide you with inspiration, advice and our experience
for successful implementation of your projects.

Perforated materials in architecture

[Translate to English:] Ing. arch. Pavol Adamec -

The wide range of products, long-term experience and ability to adapt to more demanding technical criteria were the decisive factors in the selection of the expanded metal supplier for the City Arena football project in Trnava. Working with Perfora on this project has convinced me that it is the right partner for large and demanding projects.

Ing. arch. Pavol Adamec
Adamec & Adamec
author of the City Arena project in Trnava

Successful solutions and their stories

City Arena: Combining a sporting experience with a lucrative place

City Arena - Anton Malatinsky Stadium boasts the title of one of the 22 most beautiful football stadiums in the world. It is integrated into the urban environment and...

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Even the facade of a parking house can be exceptional

Details are often discussed in architecture. They are the alpha and omega of a perfect construction concept. And our clients have a liking for the details.

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Bory Mall - Creative solutions for remarkable construction

Even today's architects want to design something extraordinary. The Italian architect Massimilian Fuksas looks at the world from a different perspective than an ordinary...

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