Frame profiles

Frame profiles

They are used for framing perforated sheets and expanded metal. Our widest range of circular, square, rectangular or u-shaped frame profiles will enable each customer to achieve the desired design and safety function.


  • Mild steel
  • stainless steel
  • galvanized

Standard lengths

The profiles are available in 2.5 and 3 m lengths

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Slot widths

In our offer you will find various slot widths from 2 - 7.5 mm. Depending on the product specification, we will recommend the correct type of a frame profile.

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Taylor-made production

Your specific requirements are not an obstacle. After mutual
consultation we can satisfy you in the production of
tailor-made materials according to your requirements.

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Specification of deliveries

Commonly manufactured items are intended for technical use. Specification of deliveries is based on the experience we have with the delivery of gratings. Please read them to help you understand some of the important details when selecting and using a particular material.

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Types of frame profiles

Circular frame profile - A

[Translate to English:] Kruhový lemovací profil - A -

Frame profile - C

[Translate to English:] Lemovací profil - C -

Bearing frame profile – L

[Translate to English:] Nosný lemovací profil - L -

Frame profile - WG30

[Translate to English:] Lemovací profil - WG30 -

Frame profile - WG30

Frame profile - WG30 -
Slot off axis

Circular frame profile - B

[Translate to English:] Kruhový lemovací profil - A -

U-shape frame profile - E

[Translate to English:] Joklový lemovací profil - E -

Bearing frame profile – T

[Translate to English:] Nosný lemovací profil - T -

Frame profile – WG40

[Translate to English:] Lemovací profil - WG40 -

Frame profile - U

Frame profile - U -
d - slot
l – profile height

Product overview

What can you find in the spreadsheet?

  • Opening diameter
  • Spacing
  • Free space
  • Material availability
  • Technical drawing

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Štandardné skladové pozície

Table of edging profiles

typeSlotDimensionLengthMaterialTechnical sheet
A1,7∅ 183000mild steel
B1,7∅ 273000mild steel
C1,720x123000mild steel/stainless steel
E1,720x303000mild steel/galvanized/stainless steel
WG305,730x303000mild steel
WG407,540x403000mild steel
WG30330x303000mild steel
nosný profil L-70x34x556000mild steel
nosný profil T-85x34x556000mild steel
U 20/2220x22500mild steel/stainless steel
U 20/3320x32500mild steel/stainless steel
U 30/5530x52500mild steel/stainless steel
U 30/8830x82500mild steel/stainless steel

available in stock

delivery within 2 weeks delivery within 2 weeks

delivery within 4 weeks delivery within 4 weeks

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  • Price

    The price of perforated materials depends on the order specification. In tailor-made production, the price is calculated individually. Prices of standard sheets can be found in our e-shop.

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  • Availability of material

    We deliver the material we have in stock as standard within 3 working days. We supply some categories of materials within 2 weeks, or by order only. In custom production, the goods are ready for distribution depending on the specification of the required modifications, usually 2-4 weeks from the order.

    Information on the availability of material can be found in the summary table of the assortment or you can inquire directly with our sales representative.

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  • [Translate to English:] Vzorky


    What do perforated materials actually look like? What are the differences between them? You can physically see the perforated materials at our points of sale, or request samples of available materials. Be sure not to miss our product catalogues, which can be downloaded from our website.

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  • Consultancy

    How to choose the right perforated material? This and similar questions have been asked by a number of companies and architects, whom we have helped to implement their projects. If you need advice too, do not hesitate to ask! We will answer your questions and help you with every step in the selection of perforated materials and project implementation.

    Information on the availability of material can be found in the summary table of the assortment or inquire directly with our sales representative.

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