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How to get privacy as well as a view using expanded metal?

The number of fences and railings made of expanded metal is constantly increasing due to its capacity to guarantee the owner to have privacy and at the same time a view out.

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The wide range of mesh shape and size gives huge opportunities to use expanded metal in a situation where "we need privacy but we also want a view". Some types of expanded metal make your fence or railing more transparent on your side than from the street side.

This effect is obtained by appropriate rotation of the expanded metal, which is cut and stretched at a certain angle.

These are mainly less transparent types of the expanded metal, mostly used in architecture. By selecting the right mesh type and its correct position while installing, you will achieve greater transparency of your balcony railing or fence in one direction only (outwards). The rotation can be done also to the sides. This solution is suitable for fencing where pedestrians walk mostly in one direction and therefore will not see behind your fence.

Various rotations may not only meet the practical but also aesthetic function. For example, a very nice visual effect can be achieved by an alternating insertion of the expanded metal in a row.

When you are thinking of solving the problem of privacy versus a view, the appropriate rotation of the expanded metal is the right solution for you.


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