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How to finish our products

The good choice of a surface treatment is important, especially from the point of view of the environment in which the product will be placed, that is from the point of view of its protection and final design. With different surface treatments, you will achieve properties that might vary the usability and design of these materials in the exterior and interior.

Resistance treatment:

Galvanizing - mainly used in the interior due to a smaller layer of zinc. In this process, a thin layer of zinc is applied (electrolytically) to the conductive metal surface.

Passivation (or chromating) - provides for the surface a high corrosion resistance. Transparent (blue) passivation is used for the interior items. Thick-layered passivation is used for the exterior items because of its high corrosion resistance.

Applicability: interior (transparent), exterior (thick-layer)

Hot-dip galvanizing - due to a thick layer of zinc, metals treated in this way are mainly used in the exterior where there is a large impact of the weather and mechanical wear. It can also be used in the interior as a design element. The principle of hot-dip galvanizing is that steel is immersed in hot zinc meltage and a resistant alloy of both metals is formed on the surface.

Applicability: exterior, interior (design)

Design finish

Powder coating - each metal can be colour treated in a powder coating process in which electrostatically applied coloured plastic aesthetically beautifies the final product. To increase surface adhesion and corrosion resistance of the older metal, it needs to be sandblasted or phosphate coated prior the powder coating process.

Applicability to: raw metal, galvanized and hot-dip galvanized metal

Our recommendation:

If you are trying to achieve the industrial character of the metal, galvanizing is the best solution for you.
When you want your metal product to look as good as it is possible, we recommend to coat galvanized (especially recommended for the exterior) as well as non-galvanized metal with coloured plastic powder.

Choosing the right metal finish is extremely important, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our experts for advice.