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Frame profiles make your work easier

How to frame the chosen panel as easily, efficiently and aesthetically as possible? It is a frequently asked question when designing your fences or railings. Use a simple solution - frame profiles.

Lemovacie profily - použitie -

Why to use frame profiles?

Every construction company, locksmith and handyman will appreciate simple and quick work with the frame profiles. Working with this material saves not only your time, but also money. Frame profiles create a frame that not only reinforces the panel, but also protects from sharp edges injuries.

The range of frame profiles and their applicability is really wide. We offer frame profiles of various shapes and slot widths from 2 mm to 7.5 mm. You can insert expanded metal, wire screens or perforated metal sheets into these profiles. Types A, B, C, E are suitable for perforated sheets as well as for expanded metal of smaller thickness. The profiles marked WG30 / WG40 are used for fixing thicker materials with higher weight. L-shaped and T-shaped frame profiles are also available for this purpose. However, in this case it is necessary to weld the panel to a bearing profile.

Frame profiles can be used to frame almost any expanded metal, wire screen or perforated sheet metal. For detailed information on particular profiles and their use, click here.


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