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City Arena: Combining a sporting experience with a lucrative place

City Arena - Anton Malatinsky Stadium boasts the title of one of the 22 most beautiful football stadiums in the world. It is integrated into the urban environment and connected to the shopping centre of the same name.

The whole complex is built on an area of 47,000 m2, while the football stadium occupies 16,000 m2.  In “Slovak Rome” the main motive of the developers was to connect the enthusiasm of a sport experience with a possibility to do shopping and get-together in a lucrative place.

Already during its construction, the idea of the investors was clear. They wanted to create a building that was modern, but environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The criteria they did not intend to drop were the high quality of construction and professional constructional and architectural details. These were the reasons why we became an integral part of this project.

The client addressed us due to implementation of the facade. They needed material that would give the building a hallmark of exclusiveness, would need low maintenance as well as meet strict safety criteria. After all, a maintenance-free material is really necessary at this type of construction. After consultation with our team of experts, aluminium expanded metal with diamond mesh 200 x 72 x 22 x 3 mm was used in the project.


It is functional, safe and also perfectly visually integrates the entire City Arena. The choice of colours was very clear in this case. The red - black combination has been the colour of the Spartak Trnava football club since 1925. And as the city is closely connected with football, there was nothing to hesitate about.

The City Arena concept is truly exceptional. In addition, Trnava acquired the first modern football stadium of the highest category in Slovakia. We are pleased that we became an integral part of the implementation team for this project.